July 10 - Fuller Cup to Close

By Joyce Westner

July 10, 2023.  Patrons were startled to hear that The Fuller Cup, the Thompson Street bakery and sandwich shop, will be closing as of this Friday.  Owner Laura Fuller sent an email to her followers in which she wrote, “I find myself at a crossroads. This is undoubtedly one of my most difficult, important and without a doubt one of my most heaviest decisions!”  Seeking personal growth, Laura said this morning that she’s moving to Washington DC and working for W. Millar & Co., a caterer serving mostly government, academic, and non-profits, “such as the Red Cross,” she says.


With opportunity for growth as she considers whether there’s a way to open a shop, she says, “Serving others is my motto, it fills my soul.  Community’s a big word for me,” she adds.  When asked if the competition was one factor in her decision, she said definitely not.  “We’re friends,” she says, if I need something, I run over to Starbucks or they come here.  During Covid when their store was closed, their staff came over here and worked my register.” 


Starbucks manager Jeff Smead confirms the relationship.  “We might give her ice, or she sells us cash if we need one-dollar bills.  We never treated each other as competitors.  We were more like family.  It’s really sad” to see her go, he says.


Customers in the shop were despondent as well.  Terry Fuller (no relation) said, “I’m disappointed but happy for Laura and sad that I might not see her again.”  Customer Stephanie Lin Roth said, “Laura gave me my first opportunity to showcase my art—I had a whole wall.” 


Laura’s staff, pictured above from left to right are Winchester High School junior Kaitlyn Brown, University of Connecticut junior Riley Fallon, with Laura, and McKenzie West.  They’re already signed up for other jobs in the area.  And Laura adds that customer should come in to buy her already reduced grocery items.  Her email concludes, “My heart is FULL(er) than ever AND it has been my pleasure to serve YOU!”