Everett Ave. culvert study loses at Town Meeting


By Joyce Westner


Thursday’s Town Meeting approved many spending articles, including new vehicles for the Department of Public Works, new Ginn Field LED lights to save energy, and a high-speed vote tabulator for the Town Clerk’s office.  Despite the recommendations of the Finance Committee to not fund engineering studies for projects with no known funding source, members approved spending on all but one item, for a culvert on Everett Ave.


Precinct 5 member Colin Simson asked for a reconsideration on the item.  FinCom chair John Miller said, “I used to teach this stuff at MIT.” He said that the committee does not oppose the project but until the Town Manager delivers her five-year capital plan in January, they don’t want to approve it.  “This is too early,” he said.




Precinct 5 member Jason Roeder asked what the $100K study would pay for.  He said that the culvert is in his neighborhood and that if it were in his back yard, “I could get the entire project done for like $20,000.”


Town Engineer Matt Shuman said the culvert, which is located between 47 and 53 Everett Ave., is so old that they can’t find any plans for it, and the money would pay for determining the scope of the project, among other things.  Capital Planning Chair Jim Johnson said it would get a better scope of the project for the Select Board.  “Do you want this to be like Lake Street?  Closed for an indefinite period?”  The culvert is located between Cambridge St. and Sheffield Rd.


The motion to reconsider was also voted down.  The News asked several town meeting members why they thought this particular item was voted down, but most said they didn’t understand the reason. 


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