Thanks to 27 new donors so far this month!

By Joyce Westner Nov. 7, 2023


Residents are responding to the Winchester News and our request for donations during the month of November.  Every dollar donated is matched by our NewsMatch, the largest collaborative fundraising campaign to support nonprofit news in the U.S.  So far in November alone, we’ve received over $3,000 and all 27 are from new donors, which helps us reach our goal of fifty to qualify for an additional amount from NewsMatch.  The goal of our donation campaign is to hire a professional editor so I can retire (again), and so that we get more complete coverage of town government meetings that affect every resident.  Democracy thrives in daylight, the saying goes, and we’ve already successfully daylighted a few significant government activities.  If you haven’t donated, please consider doing so this month, and thank you. 


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