Poll Workers Needed?


By Joyce Westner October 28, 2023


Winchester poll workers were puzzled when they received a letter from Town Clerk MaryEllen Lannon saying, “The Town will not need your assistance this upcoming election season,” despite the fact that the town’s website is advertising for new poll workers.  https://www.winchester.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1613


The letter was effusive in its praise of poll workers’ “long-term commitment to civic duty,” but said there’s been “an increased interest from newer voters” who want to participate. 

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One poll worker who asked to remain anonymous sent Lannon an email asking if she’d done something wrong.  “Did other volunteers feel I was difficult to work with and I was not supportive? Did voters complain that I wasn't helpful?” were among her questions, but Lannon assured her that she’d never received any complaints.


Lannon told her that she sent out 100 letters to poll workers, repeating that she wanted to give new residents a chance.  Lannon told the News, “After sixteen years of working with the same pool of election workers I want to be equitable in allowing others an opportunity to work for the Town. Hence the new advertisement for new workers.” 


Disclaimer:  The author was among the recipients although she only worked at the polls once and believes that MaryEllen Lannon has done a exemplary job overseeing elections in Winchester.  

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