Affordable Housing to Donate $35k to Town for Glenwood Demolition


By Tara Hughes


Oct. 14, 2023. The Affordable Housing Trust Committee (AHTC) met on Tuesday night and voted to pay demolition costs of $35K as a gift-in-kind donation to the town. This came on the heels of their earlier vote to take ownership of a rundown property at 20 Glenwood Ave.  They plan to demolish the house and build affordable housing, despite the Select Board approving a proposal from the abutters to buy the property for $40K.  See   


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The AHTC, along with the Housing Partnership Board and some town meeting members who have voiced their opinion, are hoping the Select Board will accept their offer as more beneficial to the town and to the stated purpose of the lot, which is to benefit affordable housing in town.


The Select Board is scheduled to meet on Monday, October 16 at 7:00 in the Select Board Room at Town Hall. The meeting will likely be viewable on They are expected to discuss 20 Glenwood Ave and the two offers since it was tabled at their last meeting until October 16 to digest the new information and to have town counsel present. See proposed agenda here:

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