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Griffin Museum Presents October and November Exhibitions


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Oct 14 - The Griffin Museum of Photography presents an exciting fall exhibition lineup, showcasing various photographic explorations of portraiture, identity, and artistic practice.


From October 19-29, the Main Gallery showcases the Arnold Newman Prize winner and finalists, celebrating the talents of contemporary photographers and the power of visual storytelling.


Then, from November 1 to December 10, the Main Gallery will transform to Leaving Their Mark | Studio Practice, a collection of photographs by Meggan Gould and Chris Rauschenberg. This exhibition delves into the intimate world of art-making, offering a glimpse into the creative sanctuaries of the artworld. Gould and Rauschenberg unveil the ‘work behind the works,’ focusing on the tools, dark rooms, and studios of famous artworld personas. Leaving Their Mark | Studio Practice invites viewers to contemplate the symbiotic relationship between artists and their environments, highlighting the tools and spaces of the mythic “artist’s hand.”


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The Atelier Gallery features Wig Heavier Than a Boot, a collaborative project melding David Johnson’s photography with Philip Matthews' poetry. This project introduces Petal, a drag persona embodied by Philip for his writing, captured by David’s lens. It blends creative rituals and performances in domestic settings and serene landscapes, offering a glimpse into the complex relationships between creator, character, and observer. This exploration of identity transformation initiates a conversation about gender expression through art and its histories.


In the Griffin Gallery, The Other Stories by Cody Bratt delves into family archives, unearthing narratives of generational trauma, memory preservation, and portraiture. Bratt skillfully weaves past and present, underscoring how family histories shape our identities and emphasizing photography’s enduring power to document and transcend time.               

Both The Other Stories and Wig is Heavier Than a Boot will run from October 19-December 10.


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