Holton/Cross/Swanton Street Study Published

Special to the News from the Town Planner

Although this is addressed to Town Meeting members, residents may want to review the plan.  

Town Meeting members,


The Winchester Planning Board, Planning Department, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council is thrilled to provide a copy of the Holton/Cross/Swanton Street Study final report. The document can be downloaded on our website or directly through this link.


As you review and discuss this study, please note that no final decisions have been made and no changes will be implemented to our neighborhoods at this time. This study has been conducted to inform us all about what our options are for the future of this neighborhood. With this information we will work together to decide what changes we want to see and when we want to see them.

Donate in November!

In November we will be starting a working group to continue our work on this study. This group will meet once monthly and will be comprised of any who are interested. More specific information will be shared about this working group in the near future, however, we ask anyone who would like to be a part of this group to please respond to this email expressing your interest.


If you have any questions about the study, the working group, or anything else, please let me know.




Taylor Herman

Town Planner



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