New Zoning Advisory Committee Formed


By Joyce Westner


Oct. 21. This week the Planning Board chose members for the newly formed Zoning Review Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Planning Board.  The group will advise on how to comply with the MBTA multi-family housing rule. 


According to Town Planner Taylor Hermann, the ZRAC will assist with the board’s work on two key projects:  Creating updated and new zoning for the GBD-3 zone (northern Main Street from Swanton Street to the Winchester Town Line) and for the GBD-2 zone (northern Main Street from Skillings Road to Swanton Street), as well as creating new zoning to establish Multi-Family Overlay Districts to comply with the State’s MBTA Communities Multi-Family Housing requirements.  

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The board accepted as members Hank Lin, John Leavitt, Lance Grenzeback, Marilyn Gagalis,

Soumya Ganapathy, Steven Cagnetta, Tommy Bellaire, and Wenji Ma.  A member from the Historical Commission and from the Design Review Committee will also be appointed.


Hermann said there would be meetings approximately every three weeks to which the public is invited, including on Oct 24, Nov 2, Nov 21, Dec 12, with others possible during the next few months. 


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