Tara Hughes Resigns from Town Meeting


By Joyce Westner


October 23, 2023.  Winchester News President Tara Hughes has resigned from her seat as a Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member.  Hughes said she resigned her seat in order to avoid any perception of conflict between her government position and her journalism activities, which include unbiased reporting on town government issues.  Hughes said, “Being an elected official and being on the board of a community news source and writing about town government and politics could be perceived as a conflict of interest. Winchester News aims to be a trusted and reliable source, so I wanted to remove that perception.” 

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The seat can be filled for Fall Town Meeting only, by appointment by Precinct 1 at the start of Fall Town Meeting. Thereafter, the seat can be filled by election for the remainder of her term which expires in 2025 on the spring ballot. Interested parties should reach out to either MaryEllen Lannon, Town Clerk, at townclerk@winchester.us or Precinct 1 Chair, Ann Sera, at AnnSera.Winchester@gmail.com, if they wish to fill the seat.

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