New Employee Spotlight - Matthew Shuman

By Tara Hughes


Sept. 16, 2023. Winchester has hired a new Town Engineer, Somerville resident Matthew Shuman.  To learn more about him we asked him some questions.   


What do you do? What are the job requirements for the position?

I am involved in reviewing the engineering aspects of development plans, such as utilities and stormwater management.  I work with the other departments on capital project planning and construction management.  I direct the town’s stormwater management program and serve as floodplain manager.


What is your background?

I have Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from Cornell University.


Where did you work before coming to Winchester?

I was actually the Assistant Town Engineer in Winchester from 2011 to 2014.  I left to become Town Engineer in Watertown and now I’m back.  I also have experience in two other communities and began my career working for an engineering consulting firm.


What area(s) do you specialize in or have greater interest in?

My background is in stormwater management but I also have an interest in transportation and Complete Streets. [Ed note: Complete Streets is a method of planning, designing, and building streets that are safe for pedestrians, bikers, transit and motor vehicles.]


How did you come to be doing what you are doing?

I worked in engineering consulting for a few years after graduating.  I then moved over to the public sector.


What are some of the bigger challenges you see in Winchester?

Flooding is always an issue in Winchester.  The Town has been forward-thinking and invested in flood control on the Aberjona for many years, but mother nature always has a larger storm. Rainfall patterns are changing.  Street flooding in many areas remains a concern.


There is a lot of cut-through traffic in Town, but there is also increased desire for better walking and biking facilities.  We’ve just completed a Town-wide Transportation Plan and will be looking to implement it.  Finding a balance between competing needs and interests is a challenge in every community.


What are some of the unique things you’ve noticed about our community?

There is a real sense of community in Winchester and the Town retains many small-town characteristics despite being so close to Boston.


What are some of your favorite things about Winchester so far?

The Town Center is beautiful.  As an engineer, there is a nice variety of projects to work on.  The Town staff work well together and it really feels like a team.


What hobbies do you pursue outside of work?

I enjoy walking, biking and gardening. 


To learn more by contacting the Engineering Department visit:


Tara Hughes is the President of Winchester News Group and a Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member.