Wildwood Committee Discusses Green Burials


By Joyce Westner


The Wildwood Cemetery Advisory Committee voted on Tuesday at their monthly meeting to investigate the possibility of setting aside a portion of the cemetery for “green burials.”  A green burial has many definitions, and according to https://greenburialma.org/ there would be no embalming fluid, and the body would be buried in a biodegradable box or other container.  The details at Wildwood would have to be worked out but the most immediate concern is to identify a few areas within the cemetery that would be appropriate.  For instance, according to Cemetery Director Jim Shattuck, it shouldn’t be near Winter Pond because of the high water table in that area. 


Committee member Eric DiMare, who was just appointed to the town’s Finance Committee, suggested that the town would have to do an engineering study done, which he estimated could cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.


Committee member Lauren Costello who owns Costello Funeral Home made a motion that was unanimously accepted to investigate the possibility with the town.