Kindergartner Clara Quiel and Senator Jason Lewis at the Climate Legislation panel


Winchester’s Littlest Constituent


By Rachel Whitehouse


On Tuesday, Sept. 26, about 40 Winchester residents attended a panel at the Jenks Center with members of Winchesters legislative delegation to discuss the recent progress on, and continued challenges of, climate legislation in Massachusetts.


After waiting patiently through the event, one of the last questions came from little Clara Quiel, age 5, a Muraco School kindergartner, who asked, "How can we get some electric school buses?" 


Sustainability Director Ken Pruitt explained that Winchester, which does not have its own school bus fleet, contracts with Woburn’s North Suburban Transportation. Although North Suburban does not currently offer electric school buses, Pruitt expressed the Town’s desire for their future availability. Notably, Winchester seeks new bids from school bus providers every three years. “Hopefully before you finish school,” quipped Pruitt.

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