Orphan parcel purchase gets TM nod


By Joyce Westner Nov. 14, 2023


Monday evening’s Town Meeting voted to buy the so-called “orphan” parcel from the MBTA for $155,000.  The parcel is the driveway running from Waterfield Rd. into the parking lot next to the T station.  According to Planning Board Chair Diab Jerius, the lot is essential if the town wants to sell the entire lot for development.  Currently the town has a land development agreement with the CIVICO development group to develop a mix of market-rate and affordable apartments and the Board is discussing the details, including at their zoom meeting this evening.  See their agenda and zoom information at https://winchestermass-my.sharepoint.com/personal/therman_winchester_us/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Ftherman%5Fwinchester%5Fus%2FDocuments%2FPlanning%20Board%2FMeetings%2FNovember%2014%2FPB%20Meetings%5F111423%5FAgenda%2Epdf&parent=%2Fpersonal%2Ftherman%5Fwinchester%5Fus%2FDocuments%2FPlanning%20Board%2FMeetings%2FNovember%2014&ga=1   


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